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  1. I’m glad I’ve spent the last 2 years getting to know MB81. Great group of friends. Great club. Keep up the hard work. My family is very proud and honored to know you guys.

  2. A true and faithful gathering of proud, loyal, and generous men in this MBSC Hells Angels motorcycle club. Thank you Mr Big and brothers. I’m truly honored to be accepted as a friend and sister/supporter to the club. May they forever ride free and strong. MLLH&R always <3

  3. So proud to see this site and to have MB as our home. You are a wonderful bunch of people. Sending our support to Mr Big and the Crew, and all of the rest of the family too. Brightest Blessings to you and to the success of this site . LLH&R – Suzi and Donny

  4. Finally! I can have somewhere where I can direct those misinformed individuals that swear they know the history of the club! I am forever correcting people who think they know what they are talking about! Lol! ML&R!

  5. I’m a big 81 supporter & it’s just thrilling to be a witness to the honor, loyalty, & most important the brotherhood that you speak of here…all those things really do exist in your club . I loved reading your history those are things I I didn’t know

  6. Hello just saying you guys are true friends and i really like the website. Thank you for what you do. Praying for you all.

  7. Super site. MB 81 is a great group of men. I am proud to be a supporter of our local 81 and 81 world wide.


  8. I’ve known you guys for a lot of years now; upstanding people. Proud to be a supporter to the biggest, baddest, and best MC in the world! Much respect.

  9. You guys are awesome people. You have done somuch for so many. I wish you safe journeys in you rides to help others. May God bless you all.

  10. Great to see the website. I am a proud supporter of the great Red & White 81 nation. Keep me updated on all your events so I can show up and support the brotherhood.

  11. I am, have been, and will continue to be part of the “81 Family”…!
    HAMC-Myrtle Beach has received my support & allegiance for many years now….
    And for the years to come, my LH&R will continue!

  12. Great site. I wish there was a chapter here in northwest georgia.81 is the only club I would ever consider prospecting for

  13. I work 24 7 but I so want to support the murtle beach chapter how can I help and when is your next ride. I would love to join ya.

  14. I’m a big supporter of 81 an would love to be a member I live the life for a long time just never tried to join but now is the time for me ya’ll keep up the good work ya’ll do

  15. I’ve been a lifelong supporter of HAMC and proud to give my support to 81 and the big red machine!

  16. Glad i can support these guys and the great service they provide. Awesome group to ride with and im proud to display the red & white in myrtle beach. Thank you and cheers!

  17. Great looking site. Congratulations. Y’all be careful – it’s a crazy world here this weekend. Glad to know you’re around.

  18. Woodstock to my brothers, in need of conversation. Miss my brothers here in Arkansas no chapter, no home!!!!!!! Horse if you see this pick up the phone man and call me or my other brothers call man, need my brotherhood, and home of AFFA 8708470611

  19. Hey guys hells angels supporter all the way just wanted to let to know I would like to start a family club mc out of respect wanted to get the okay from you guys contact me on my email if you have any concerns !

  20. Local Father Son Supporters of the MB charter… outstanding brotherhood a bond like no other. Will show my support for this MC for life. RIDE HARD 81… RED and White Nation!

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